Message of Pricipal

Greetings to parents and a warm welcome your children to May Hong Kindergarten – where each and every child will be developed comprehensively in Knowledge, Physical, Skills, Ethics as well as Aesthetic Feelings.

With facilities of national standards and the experienced teachers, our school is confident to offer children the learning environment, fun and necessary support to help parents feel assured when sending their children to May Hong Kindergarten.

We are proud to bring the best care quality and support for the pupils. This is reflected in all activities from care, nurturing to education of life skills, picnic organization. May Hong Kindergarten has strived to build the optimal foundation of education to ensure pupils to be cheerful, confident and develop their moral and intelligence in the most complete way. I believe, with a team of experienced, enthusiastic, young and passionate teachers, May Hong Kindergarten will be a reliable common home for every family.

Again, thank you for all the trust that you place in the school and we sincerely hope that your children will continue to experience many more joyful, enduring and memorable moments with us in the early years of their lives.