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About Us

May Hong Pre-school is located in Ho Chi Minh City, where offers prechoolers with dynamic and excited educational environment. In addition, our billingual curriculum nutures all aspects of your children’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

Educational Environment

The mission of May Hong Kindergarten is to provide children with a safe, friendly, child-centered educational environment for teaching, which gives them many opportunities to study and have fun with their friends.

Skills Development

May Hong Kindergarten is constantly promoting the quality of teachers as well as investing in facilities with the aim to bring students a good learning environment to comprehensively develop necessary skills.

Solid Foundation

The curriculum is designed in a creative way to help children easily engage in the lessons. Besides the dedication of teachers is also an important factor in helping them have a solid knowledge base in the future.


At the age of 18 months – 36 months, children are mainly taken care by their teacher like staying at home with their mother. They are able to participate in diverse learning programs with the…

The preschoolers’ language has been gradually improved. They are capable of listen and fully answered the questions of teachers and foreigners. If this is the first day they learn at school, they will also try…

4 – 5 years old is the age that needs to be fostered the potentials in children especially about the art: music, painting and dancing. At school, children will learn gifted subjects in the afternoons…

The children’s curriculum focus on advanced development aspects. At this age, not only the awareness and skills but also the child’s language have been completed. They have a chance to discover more books which are…

Finding and developing a gift for children is an extremely important and necessary task, which is also the desire of all parents. We focus more on complementary learning activities that help children get comfortable and…

Starting to learn English from a young age will help children be able to absorb language naturally, develop better language ability and brain thinking. It includes communication lessons, common basic daily situations for children. The…

Educational Goals at May Hong Pre-School

  • Be polite, obey and respect for others.
  • Help, share and care for others.
  • Develop social skills, as well as communication skills for solving problems peaceably.
  • Develop language and early literacy skills.
  • Have an orginal, creative mindset, make wise decisions and know how to solve problems themeselves.
  • Be proactive, passionate about exploring and discovering. Develop familiarity with numbers and mathematical reasoning skills.


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